‟I’ve never gotten to understand the real meaning of diamond jewellery until I got married and its actually symbolises forever. Being a musician means I got to travel without my family, and it made me realize that a wedding ring is the one thing I have with me to carry the love of my wife and family”, explained Rendy Pandugo.

Go to Spotify to download the single HOME and the music video can be enjoyed on YouTube.com starting from 17th of October 2020.


There is nothing more classic than a round brilliant diamond engagement ring, A solitaire-style ring features a single diamond that shines at the center, stunning prong set in nicely polished gold. Alegria solitaire ring is a breathtaking piece to symbolize your love.

Ever Ours

A classic wedding band to be worn for the bride and groom in delicate yellow gold that never goes out of style with two type of finishing textures as an accent. One spectacular round cut diamond is inlays perfectly.